Program Summary

Program Summary

Name of the Program                    : International Fellowship Program on Nonviolence and Peace

Program status                                 : Training; online

Duration                                              : FourMonths (Oct. 02, 2023–January 30,2024)

Date of Commencement              : October 02, 2023

Who can join                                      : International students, Professionals, Activists, Community Leaders, Teachers, Life-long Learners. Anyone interested in nonviolence and peace

Eligibility                                               : Proficiency in English; 21 years of age

No. of Participants                           :20

Facilitators                                          : Siby K Joseph; Ogarit Younan;Prem Anand Mishra; D JohnChelladurai

Resource persons                            : Carl Cline, Michael Nagler, David Trauboulay et al

Nature of the Program                  : Training Workshop – Transdisciplinary

Methodology                                    : Interactive, participatory

Tools                                                     : Exercises, Audio visuals / PPT

Technique                                           : Design thinking, Group discussions, Case presentation


Objective of the Course                : To introduce the fundamentals of Gandhian nonviolence and peace;

: Explore the dynamics of nonviolence;

:Analyze the Global context, condition, and constitution of peace;

: Familiarize  nonviolent action: struggle for justice and peace; and parameters  of sustainable living;

: Equip  individualsto transform conflict into creative experience and  handle humansituations (turbulent) constructively.

Learning Outcome                           : Participantsare enabled with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of nonviolence and its application in life; empowered to handle challenges inclusively; and equipped with tools and techniques to construct sustainable peace within self and society.

Pedagogy                                            : Teaching sessions, interaction with practitioners, training workshops, library sessions, field visits (in respectiveneighborhoods), journalwriting and project work


Syllabus                                                : Global sustainability challenges and response: an analysis;

Fundamentals and dynamics of Gandhian nonviolence and peace;

Global experience innonviolent action (resistance)

Nonviolent methods of Dealing with Conflict

Program Structure


Sessions                               : Thrice a week (90 minutes a session)

Practical (desired)            : Three hours a week (neighborhood engagement)

Tutorial                                 : Fortnightly ( 2 hours)

Mentor / supervisor       : Candidates get a mentor for the practical and project writing

Project                                 : Periodical sharing and final report submission


Fees                                      : USD 100

Scholarship                         : Available for deserving candidates


Admission process          : Online application; and personal interviews


Scope                                    : Successful candidates may be invited to an international program                                                                          on nonviolence held in India in early 2024


We invite interested people to applyimmediately



For more details contact:

Dr. Siby K Joseph

Director, International Online Fellowship Program on Nonviolence and Peace, Sevagram Ashram Pratishthan, Wardha, Maharashtra, India – 442102





+91 9822238341;91 94219 25146