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Modernity has made individuals global in their potential.  With satellite communication, airways, earth movers we are global in our strength and ability.  In the words of Alfred North Whitehead, the worlds “arise and coalesce” in becoming an individual what she is today. Individual life has gained ‘vishwaroop (global stature).

Global living has also brought in a world of challenges.  From personal deceit to ecological damage we witness in life ethical transgression at every front. In our craving for the best in the world, we appear to pursue a perilous path of civilization. In the pluralistic human society, narrow individualist sentiments tries to topple the prospect of the very life on earth.

Civilization is essentially a journey of nonviolence, Gandhi said.  For him nonviolence is the law of life. The world has come to realize this fact, as Gen. Mc Arthur said, violence “is not only fundamentally wrong, but contains the germs of self-destruction. ”The work of Gandhi demonstrated the efficacy of nonviolence as an attitude and a system of conducting personal and public life in a manner that is just, peaceful and sustainable.

Sevagram Ashram Pratishthan (Wardha, Maharashtra, India) in association with Gujarat Vidyapith, Sabarmati Ashram (both in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India), and MGM University (Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India), offers a four-month online training program on Nonviolence and Peace, for the benefit of those who intend to understand  the principle and method of nonviolence.


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